Credit Card Exits Finland

Good Lender credit cards will expire in Finland next year. However, the international Good Lender brand will live on in the world and in Finland as business travel services for companies. So, the cooperation with the Good Lender Travel Account will continue and will work as usual.

Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian went to the sauna. They all left their Good Lender credit card there. Thus, Good Lender cards will also be discarded in other Nordic countries. Compete for all credit cards if you lose your credit card with the news.

Why does my credit card go away?

Why does my credit card go away?

Goodbank’s card company, GoodBank Kort, has so far been managed the Good Lender credit cards under a franchise agreement. The company plans to focus exclusively on Mastercard products from the end of May. One reason they cited is the increased regulation of the card market.

It is natural to invest more in a winning horse. The Mastercard family includes, for example, Eurocard used by companies. GoodBank Kort is the Nordic market leader in credit cards, precisely because of the Eurocard.

Making certain products more efficient and eliminating others seems to be a trend in the financial industry, as many banks in Finland have concentrated their card programs. The programs are mainly concentrated on Visa and Mastercard.

Good Lender Nordic AB itself will be merged with its parent company, GoodBank Kort. New Good Lender credit card applications can no longer be made.

Good Lender Merchant Agreements

Good Lender Merchant Agreements

Good Lender Merchant Agreements will also be terminated next June when the card is discontinued. Merchants get paid off by paying customers for their purchases at Good Lender. The dealership agreements will be transferred to Nets Danmark A / S in the future .

The Good Lender is the world’s first credit and debit card that was born in the 1950s in the United States. Although the use of the Good Lender in the Nordic countries will cease, Americans using the credit card will still be able to use it in the Nordic countries. Foreign cards will thus remain in operation in Finland.

Good Lender Finland offers four different credit cards

Good Lender Finland offers four different credit cards

Good Lender Classic, Good Lender Premium, SAS Eurobonus Good Lender and Finnair Plus Good Lender. Two of them, Good Lender Classic and Premium, have been able to earn Good Lender points. Remember to use your accumulated Good Lender points.

Good Lender payment cards have been known for their traveler benefits. In fact, Good Lender debit cards received a double win in the 2017 Big Credit Card Comparison in the Best Credit Card for Traveler category. The winner was SAS Eurobonus Good Lender.

If you have accumulated Finnair Points with your Finnair Plus Good Lender card and would like to continue earning points, you can purchase a Finnair Plus Mastercard credit card instead.

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