Personal loans yes, current account no: mission impossible?

Usually, the request for a loan is linked to the activation or existence of a current account. This is because, in the context of the increasingly restrictive measures imposed by the banks at the time of the assessment of a request, the presence of a current account represents an additional guarantee as well as, usually, a way to obtain advantageous conditions.

However, requesting a loan without necessarily having a current account is possible.

Your solution

Your solution

A solution may be the request for a finalized loan: these are loans which, as their name implies, are aimed at obtaining a specific good or service. The repayment is made through repayment plans with installment payments, normally monthly. This is a type of product usually offered in large retail chains, in vogue precisely because no real guarantees or the possession of a current account are required.

Among the main financial companies that offer them in Italy, we point out Astro Finance, a company specializing in family credit for the purchase of goods and services for private use that provides loans through revolving credit and loans.

Among the types of targeted loans, we find travel and holidays, health and wellness, high tech, in addition to the more traditional loans for renovations and furnishing. The offer includes 100% online loans with digital signatures, the possibility of changing the installment every month without additional costs, no stamp / replacement tax, preliminary investigation, collection and management of installments, periodic communications.

Installment loan

Installment loan

An alternative may be the use of a prepaid card. PostePay, for example, allows credit to be credited for the loan, with an APR ranging between 15.34% and 17.83%. The repayment includes three fixed options: 750 euros repayable in 15 monthly installments; 1000 euros repayable under an installment plan consisting of 20 monthly installments; 1500 euros, repayable in 24 monthly installments.

A last solution can be the use of an advanced ata prepaid card: these are rechargeable with Iban and possibility of debit Rid, usable for the direct debit of the requested sums. Like GeruBank!, which have the characteristic of being able to be managed online or by telephone.

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